Information about the master’s degree in Data Science and Big Data

Master’s degree in Big Data & Data Science: Applied to trade, business and finance

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Admission map: Apply in 4 steps


1º Pre-inscription

Sending the documents and evaluating the candidates


2º Interview

Personal evaluation of the candidate


3º Admission

Confirming the suitability of the candidate


4º Reservation

Welcome, formalize the reservation of your place

Certificate. After completing the master’s degree, the UCM will hand the student a certificate of postgraduate in their own right, being in possession of an university title is an indispensable prerequisite to receive this title.

Requisites for access

  • Procedure: Those interested in taking part in this master’s degree must fill an online survey from the appliance tab, do not forget to attach the required documentation. The candidates who fulfill the obligatory requisites will be called for a personal interview. Once the confirmation for your placement, you must formalize a reservation.
  • Admission window: It is prolonged until all places are full, or if it were to happen, at the beginning of the academic course. 
  • Placement reservation payment: Admitted students must make a payment of 350€ for the online edition. These quantities will be fully discounted from the full price of the tuition. Once the payment is made there is no right to a refund unless the degree was to not take place.

Necessary Documentation

All Students

  • ID or passport photocopy
  • Official grades certificate
  • University degree or receipt for the request of the certificate
  • CV

Students with degrees from the European Union

  • Both the university degree and the official grades certificate must come with a sworn translation.

Students from outside the European Union

  • Both the university degree and the official grades certificate must be legalized by the Hague Apostille.
  • If the degree or the certificate are in a different language than Spanish it must come with a sworn translation.

Dates, Duration, Location and Schedule 

  • Starting Date: October 2024
  • Ending Date: October 2025
  • Duration: 520 hours
  • Modality: On-line

Inscription Rights

  • Online master’s degree tuition: 4.600€ + 40€ department expenses
UCM masters degree

Teaching method

Knowledge and practice. Even though the student is not required to have computing knowledge, the main objective of this master’s degree is to train in a frontline technologic knowledge and in the skills and aptitudes organizations demand their professionals. In this mission the integration of active professionals to the teaching board was of vital importance, this helps the student contextualize the data science knowledge into real life scenarios.

Evaluation. At the end of each module an evaluation will take place in order to consolidate the knowledge from the subject and the skills from the tools. The master’s degree will end with a final project, in which the student must offer a global vision of all that was learnt during the master’s degree. This final project can be handed in both June and September during the evaluation season.

 Online platform. The students from the online course have to their disposal an online platform which gives access to all the information and documents form the degree in a simple and easy way.

 Student’s informatic equipment. To follow and take part in the classes it will be essential for the students to come to the classroom of the Faculdad de Estudios Estadísticos of the UCM with their own laptop. Minimum requirements are:

  • Windows 7 or newer, 64 bits
  • I5 processor or equal, with a minimum of 4 Gb of RAM, although 8gb or more is recommended.

Satisfaction survey. The opinion of our students is essential to improve this master’s degree. The direction team and all of the professors keep open a communication channel to keep receiving opinions, suggestions of improvement or simply talking about the training. An anonymous evaluation survey will also be filled at the end of each module.

***NTIC Master reserves the right to modify, delete and actualize the degree information.