Data Science Master’s degree

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Master’s degree by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

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Online Big Data and Data Science Master´s degree

Do you dream of transforming businesses and organizations using data science? The most demanded job does not require computer science expertise. UCM, your partner in education and job placement.









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Big data and Data Science, education with job placement

What is Data Science?

A digital transformation is an irrefusable global process for the whole business landscape. A challenge where Big Data management is a key strategic component to transform this huge amount of numbers into information that enlightens ideas that help the organization grow in all decision fields.


What value does the Data Science Master provide?

Big Data is already present in all areas of business management. It is essential in the digitization progress as well as in the integration of artificial intelligence in the 4.0. business. Therefore, Big Data contributes to the automatization of processes, reduction of costs, product design, client research, marketing, post-sells management or areas such as human resources or environmental control.


Who analyzes Big Data?

The Big Data specialist sets the procedure to monitor and structure the data that exist within the business and its surroundings. A lot of different professional profiles intervene in this task, but every day we observe a growing demand for experts in the discipline that are able to transform this data into valuable information. In this way, economists, lawyers, social scientists, psychologists, philosophers, political scientists, business management graduates, Marketing graduates or environmental scientists join the team to give meaning to the Big Data with their knowledge. This is the reason why Big Data management represents a decisive step for those professionals looking for quality job opportunities.

Data Science UCM

Why choose UCM? UCM quality education

Prestige inside and outside the classroom.

La Universidad Complutense de Madrid is the biggest institution of Spain when it comes to in class education and third in Europe. Its prestige has done nothing but grow since 1822, thanks to the talent it attracts, and the effort made to make the academic program the most updated and demanding it can be. This master’s degree offers a team of professors that combine the latest academic knowledge in Big Data and an array of active professionals with top jobs in the industry. Always under the strict standards of quality that the UCM expects.


Both theory and practice.

With the goal of transforming the knowledge into skills with a home in the job market, the UCM includes the training of all its students. This practical vision of the learning process is of mayor importance when it comes to Big Data and Data Science, with business requiring personnel capable of assuming responsibilities in an autonomous manner and with enough experience to join flexible, interdisciplinary groups.

From the first day the students are trained in tools that allow them to work with the date during its whole life cycle, both as a team and as individuals. Without a need of computing knowledge the students will learn to manage the Big Data from the extraction phase to the analysis and its implementation in real life business situations.

This is the only way to acquire the global vision that will later allow the students to take top responsibility jobs within this subject.

Straight to business

At the end of the degree, the student will be ready to face any situation in a data intelligence business, resulting in a highly employable professional. The Big Data professionals are often included in each edition of Spring Data’s annual report “The most searched by the human resources consultancy Adecco” which identifies the most demanded and better paid, highly educated professionals.

Straight to business

Data Science Masters Degree with Internships in external businesses

UCM internship

UCM internship agreement

All students will benefit from a program of internships within different businesses. The UCM has agreements set for the students to put their knowledge and skills into display in a real life environment under the supervision of professionals with years of experience that will provide the differential value to the training process.

Together with the UCM in this agreement we have businesses from sectors where Big Data has acquired an strategic value, such as finance and banking, health, tourism, retail, advertising, information technology or professional services. The internship period in the business has a limited time but there is a possibility of formalizing a stable working relation. A possibility that once again adds differential value to the training we provide in our university.

Even though the positions offered in the Big Data and Data Science by these businesses is very varied, some of the most common are:

  • Data Analyst
  • Massive data system auditor
  • Developer of data at large scale
  • eCommerce Data Analyst
  • Digital Transformation for Companies
  • Data Steward
  • Data Artist
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO)


4600 euros online

Department expenses 40€


520 hours


From September 2024

to September 2025